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JP's Playlist

This is really the stuff which makes bein on this list exiciting, informative and essential.

Moments like these are where I know in the past I have had many doors opened up to new music of which i was completely unaware of them existing alongwith finding newer/better ideas and newer/fresher ways of thinking about music and my relationship with music. all this helps all of us regardless as to what path we may be on for ourselves.

Currently on My playlist ( with various commentary):

James Blood Ulmer: Are you gald to be in america
*Since Calvin Weston is gonna be the drummer for AKASH next Monday, methinks I should perhaps be prepared for him :)

Split Enz: Waiatu (sp?)
I Love the new wave creepiness to these tunes and the catchy hooks. Anybody Remember seein them on bandstand?

Talk Talk: Laughing Stock
This is clearly their best & final Album and one of my fave albums of all time.
Talk Talk coulda been say sorta like Phil collins or more like Steve Winwood and just as successful (IMHO) if they had stayed on the "path" of a certain predictability. but they chose to end up at Laughing stock & they were mostly ignored in the end...but I know me and others heard Talk Talk clearly & I still hear every note on this fine goodbye and see it as a treasure)

Marc Almond: The Stars we are
I love this torch song electro album which also happens to be the last ever recording NICO ever appeared on before departing her body.

The Fixx: reach the beach
Still just as Sharp, Angular and Colorful sounding as much as it was in the 80's as it is now...recently heard a cover of one things leads to another in a car commericial.

Pil: Flowers of Romance
Jah Wobble Amazes me...Dont know if it is true...but I heard he wasnt even playing a full yr when he joined pil and nailed that distinct bass sound... is that true?

The The: Soul Mining & Infected

Sweet Slag: Tracking with Close Ups-President Records 1971.

I have had this record since 1984. Bought it on a whim as it only cost me a quarter. Sweet Slag  is powerful, way dark, very prog feeling & somewhat free jazz leaning. i hadnt listened to this particular record since 1984 becasue at the time i bought it & listened to it i thought it was way weird and sorta like the king crimson stuff my werid neighbor liked...which was again weird...
but after listening to it again this year, im totally blown away and would love to know more about Sweet Slag and any other releases they may have made..( Dr. Z-Do you know or remeber anything about them?) ...i searched the web extensively only to find this particular album I have turning up in buy-want lists for record collectors everywhere. But for all i searched and for what I found, there isnt any definitive info on what happened to the band or any of its personnel. But If anybody out there who may remember this group or knows anything about them or where there is info u can point me to about them, i would deeply appreciate it as i find myself becoming an avid record collector as i advance into my 30's :)

Chick Corea: Trio Music Live in europe ECM Records...This has always been my fave Chick corea Album and I just cant shake its vibe or ever get tired of hearing it...goes bk to my summer of discovery in 1987, i guess.

Shannon Jackson: Bar B Que- Dog
This album was given to me by a friend of my older sister back in the summer of 87 and it forever changed my life in terms of listening and hearing music and also how up until then i could conceive could play together. this one album woke me up and started me to look for something i didnt even know could exist.

Duran Duran: Decadence
Not the most popular thing to say you  love these days, but I always saw them as having just as much talent as they did in looks & Hooks. and I think they played the part of Pop-rock Stars better than the stars we get today for 1.5 yrs and then somtheting else.

Annette Peacock: X-Dreams
This is a great Disc which was apparently way too ahead of its time...her new disc on ECM is getting rave reviews it seems( acrobats heart) but i just dont get it like i do this album.

Anne Magnuson: the Love Show
Nowhere near as wild or as coherently incoherent as Bongwater, but still a fun and funny disc with cool characterizations.

The Police: Ghost in The Machine
Simple Intelligent Pop that sold quite well. this album was always my fave album from them.

Spearhead: Chocolate Supa Highway

Tin Machine ehhhh Vey Baby Live
Maybe Im not alone in diggin tin machine here :)
but i remember bk in the - way back - machine how everyone hated tin machine and how i thought it was actually the best stuff bowie did since scary monsters. I still feel the same way.

Tears for Fears: songs from the big chair
This is a dessert Island Disc for me as I BELIEVE is one of my all time fave songs ever as is Head over Heels one of my favorite pop songs ever.

Eurhythmics: 1984

Soft Cell: The Art of Falling Apart
( i love the hendrix covers they do here)

Grace Jones: Greatest Hits Double CD

Japan: tin Drum
Another Dessert Island Disc

Elvis Costello & The attractions: Blood & Chocolate...Think this was the last album with the attractions on it. but I want You, tokyo Storm warning, Batterd old Bird and many others hit the mark for me.

Ornette Coleman-Pat Metheny: song X
I found this album soon after Bar B Que Dog and I soon developed a great appreciation for Ornette coleman and all the music & various ornette related or associated projects which have srung up and occured due to his influecne as al of those branches of his tree are deep passions of mine to explore as his roots  are deep in not just jazz but even in heavy metal.

"Soundtrack" from the movie "Diva"
Another Dessert Island Disc from cuts like debussy's La wally to odd compositions & loops and many great structures of sound and some early-euro kitsch-borderline new wave stuff which is also in that sharp and angular vein of music.

Julia fordham: Swept
I love the voice, pop, schmaltz and tenderness...JF and everything but the girl are my (not so secret anymore ) passions.

Also Dont forget to Ck out our AKASHRADIO @ MP3.COM we feature many artists there other than AKASH :)


Seeya @ Tritone on Monday Nite!!!!

Warm Regards,
John Price/AKASH
"Remember To Always Kill Your Expectations"