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OT:Digital resolution for analog sound

Sorry for this grossly off topic post, but I think the members of this list
are a shrewd and opinionated bunch when it comes to this topic.

  Computer graphics pioneer Alvy Ray Smith is oft quoted as saying that;
"Reality is 80 million polygons per second". I have wondered lately if 
there is
an audio version of this idea. If analog recording is the most realistic of
sound recording techniques, then what is the required resolution of digital
going to need to be to fool/satisfy even the most anti-Digital of 
  This is of course grossly simplifying the analog vs digital debate, but 
question is how to make digital, which is obviously not going away, 
achieve the
positive benefits of tape recording. 

Just a thought...

bonus question- Tips on making a decent hybrid of digital and analog home
studios. The sound of analog with the flexibility of digital. I know, it's 
huge question.
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