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Re: What are we listening to today?

Lewis Taylor (scary genius bloke)
Ed Friedland (looping bass-dude, very fine solo demos, solo album out 
sometime soon)
me (live solo stuff from the States, and trio stuff from France - probably 
the greatest music you'll ever hear... no,
really... :o)
Frisell/Holland/Jones (bunch of up and coming new guys, not bad for a 
first attempt... :o)
SPLaTTeRCeLL (very very fine, very very very fine)
Jarrett Trio - Inside Out (free improv, pretty good stuff)
Dresden (Chilly B's significant other, Nancy's band - bloomin' marvellous 
singer/songwriter stuff with torch-song/noir/weird
stuff elements - definitely one to look out if you can find it - Bill, 
where can said gem be found????)
Andre's recent EDP stuff (though not too often, as my craving for an EDP 
has already reduced me close to tears listening to
mr LaFosse's fine noodlings...)
Maxwell - Embrya
James Taylor - New Moon Shine
POD - Satellite
Lucy Kaplansky - Ten Year Night
Donny Hathaway - Live