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Re: question on a GCX unit

Title: Re: question on a GCX unit
At 7:09 PM -0500 2/07/02, Staplt00@aol.com wrote:
       I been trying to locate a website or place that will give me more information on a GCX ground control unit. My idol guitarist, Jerry Horton of PAPA ROACH uses a GCX ground control MIDI foot switch for MIDI changes. What does that do??? Does change sounds of the guitar like a distortion pedal??? I went to GuitarGeek.com just to find no luck in finding that unit. Can you help me find a site or somewhere with information on the GCX unit i need??? Thanks!!!

The GCX is a simple switching unit comprised of 8 relay switches. You can switch 8 different effects units in or out of the signal path with it. It doesn't make any sound on its own. People who have a rack mounted pedal drawer often use something like the GCX to switch their pedals in and out.

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