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Re: What are we listening to today?

Title: Re: What are we listening to today?
This is always fun to hear, so I'm wondering what you are all listening to?

Electronique noir, by Eivind Aarset, scandinavian (maybe someone knows Paetter-Molver that plays ih this record): nice. i like it

and then in these days I was listening to a very curious musical object from Giovanni Venosta, a friend of mine, published by Chris Cutler's Recommended Records... but I forgot the title.

Does anybody here have ever listened to his music? there's a very interesting work he did in couple with Massimo Mariani (I guess it's Recommended Records as well, or maybe it's a canadian label...) transforming an original recording of a flamenco guitar player into a somehow marvellous and terrific sound sculpture... it's not looping but kinda of...if someone is interested I could give some better directions

he's actually running at the Berlin Film festival (this week-end) with the last Silvio Soldini movie. Hope the best for him...