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Re: Reports from the lab (part 1)

Disgustingly late reply here, I'm afraid...

Jim Poppen wrote:

> I am one of those people whose imaginations haven't yet
> caught up to the power of the EDP, 

As far as I'm concerned, neither has mine!  Matthais, Kim and company
have built (and continue to build) one unbelievably deep box there...

> the mp3s of your performance in LA (was it a loopfest? you know the one,
> there were kids running around bringing everyone down to earth. 

I did indeed play an LA loopfest, but I don't remember kids running
around.  Hmmm.

> BTW, are
> those mp3s still up somewhere?) 

I pulled the mp3s of that particular gig, mainly because I feel that
most of the musical and technical ideas I played there have since been
far better explored and executed in more recent work I've done (i.e. the
December 2001 recordings, some of which I posted to the list the day
after X-mas.)  My performance at the LA loop gig itself I thought was
good, but not definitive work, in my estimation.

> I don't mean to foist anything onto anyone, but here's an idea: Andre
> writes an application guide for the next version of Aurisis' Loop. I
> like it!

I definitely appreciate the vote of confidence.  It should be noted,
however, that people like Chris Muir, Claude Voit, and Andy Butler (as
well as the usual Grob and Flint-shaped candidates) have been making
some very deep and important contributions to the evolution of the
Echoplex.  I would point to any of those folks as far better candidates
than myself to be able to address LoopIV (or, for that matter, the EDP
in general) from an expert's point of view, particularly when it comes
time to do the application guide(s).

I am still planning on some sort of web-based EDP analysis thing.  I
just need to squeeze a few extra days out of my schedule, somehow...

Anyway.  Thanks for the interest, Jim.

--Andre LaFosse