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Re: WAY OT: Video Sync

What is the sample rate of the original quicktime at? Film and TV is 
rendered to 48khz, purely to cause distress to the audio team.

What level of pitch shift are you experiencing? If the sample rates are 
so will the pitch. You should be able to work out how the sample rates
differ from this.

Have you tried rendering out of Nuendo?

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Subject: WAY OT: Video Sync

> Help!
> I'm scoring a short (8+ min) local DV project and am having a fit with
> issues.
> Here's the lowdown:
> I was given a QuickTime file of the final visual edit.  I'm using Nuendo
> a PC, which can import and display video, so that's cool.  I finish my
> preliminary score, making sure certain moments in the audio line up with
> certain frames of the video.  Ok, great.  However, even though I took
> care to line up an audio event with a video frame-and it does indeed
> to be in sync if I place my cursor at that position in the timeline-if I
> play the file from the beginning, the sync drifts.  Ok, so that's 
> so I make sure I set up my Nuendo project the with the same frame rate as
> the QuickTime file.  In the media pool, the QuickTime is described as
> 29.97fps, so that's what I set my project to (and my timeline view to).
> Same problem: drift.  I talk to the film maker and he says he's editing 
> 29.97dfps (drop-frame), so I say, Ok, reconfigure my project, realign all
> the audio events and, low and behold, the thing seems to be in sync (or
> it when I ignores the drop-frame that it appeared to be in sync-I can't
> remember).  That is, up until I replace the audio in the original
> file and now I'm off like eleven seconds over the 8:20 project!
> It's at this point that I took the CD containing the QuickTime file and
> tried to swallow it.
> I've hit the Nuendo website and support is thin.  I don't expect a reply
> from customer service for a while.
> Anyone with actual hands-on experience know the answer to this?
> Lindsay Graham
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