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Now If we could get Wayne Newton on his hands and knees beggin to get spanked and ridden like a pony on stage - while singing "Danke Sheeen", We could probably Retire off of the Licensing of the Video to E and Entertainment Tonite alone.

But we just may do somethin like that as a stage Gag (if we make it to sin city ) where we would have someone who looks like Wayne Newton do and be subjected to something exactly like the afforementioned humiliation.

and that IMHO would be a truly be great Billboard to behold.

Also, "Rev. Johnny Hell" is really & truly an ordained minister.

I'm certain that we could get him licensed in Nevada quicker than Elvis.

But it is coincidental that You should mention Vegas as we were all just talking about getting there and testing the dirty waters of sin.

The AKASH girls already do freelance modeling and personal appearences, Bondage Sessions there in Vegas with various independent Producers of both BDSM & Adult Products/Vids.

But we have never p;ayed there together as a band.

But Hey, You just might see us all there by Summertime.

Stay Tuned...

Also Ck Out AKASH's MP3.com Radio Station:

http://stations.mp3s.com/stations/210/akashradio.html where we feature tons of fun music besides our own - though we do slant things toward local Philly Acts: But do Look & Listen for Fellow LD List Member David Talento ( Music for isolation tanks - Shhhhh-101..brilliant stuff indeed! )

Warm Regards,
"Remember To Always Kill Your Expectations"