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WAY OT: Video Sync


I'm scoring a short (8+ min) local DV project and am having a fit with sync

Here's the lowdown:

I was given a QuickTime file of the final visual edit.  I'm using Nuendo on
a PC, which can import and display video, so that's cool.  I finish my
preliminary score, making sure certain moments in the audio line up with
certain frames of the video.  Ok, great.  However, even though I took great
care to line up an audio event with a video frame-and it does indeed appear
to be in sync if I place my cursor at that position in the timeline-if I
play the file from the beginning, the sync drifts.  Ok, so that's strange,
so I make sure I set up my Nuendo project the with the same frame rate as
the QuickTime file.  In the media pool, the QuickTime is described as
29.97fps, so that's what I set my project to (and my timeline view to).
Same problem: drift.  I talk to the film maker and he says he's editing in
29.97dfps (drop-frame), so I say, Ok, reconfigure my project, realign all
the audio events and, low and behold, the thing seems to be in sync (or was
it when I ignores the drop-frame that it appeared to be in sync-I can't
remember).  That is, up until I replace the audio in the original QuickTime
file and now I'm off like eleven seconds over the 8:20 project!

It's at this point that I took the CD containing the QuickTime file and
tried to swallow it.

I've hit the Nuendo website and support is thin.  I don't expect a reply
from customer service for a while.

Anyone with actual hands-on experience know the answer to this?

Lindsay Graham
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