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Jammanmemory/ jamman triggering over midi pads

Hello Loopers

A)I use 2 midi-linked  lexicon jamman.

one has a rec-time of 32sec, the other only has 8sec memory


I am living in Belgium ( Europe!) and dont know where I still can find

the ZIP expandable memory chips( The electronic shops can't help me anymore)

The manual says to use four 1M x 4 bit ZIP ICs, and lists the following compatible chips:

motorola MCM54400AZhitachi HM514400AZPnec D424400AZPfujitsu MB814400mitsubishi M5M44400Lmicron MT4C4001JZ


B)I also use a handsonic Handpad-15  of Roland .

Can anybody  give me some info about triggering the start/stops

of the jamman on this pad -drums over midi???