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Re: Ambient guitar ... was Cadence Magazine .....

RE: Ambient guitar ... was Cadence Magazine .....Phew.  I'm glad I'm not 
only one.  Even picked his amp setup with ever seeing him :-)  If Nels 
is a bass player, he's on a couple of the tracks on the CD I've got.  Makes
the track a *bit* better but still not worthy.
And thanks peoples for some of the ambient guitar recommendations, I'll
check em out.

Well I've got one CD of Loren Mazzacane Connors (In Twilight) and it didn't
really do much for me personally.   . . .  improvised but not in an amazing
way.  No looping was
involved and I even thought his guitar sound was mediocre.  Sounds like a
combo with the distortion on with the reverb cranked up playing random
** this pretty much sums up my take on a live gig i saw of him in duo with
nels cline. i didn't really care one way or the other about the lack of
looping, but having a fender amp's 'verb up to 10 and playing without any
discernable direction taxed my attention. as you say, some people seem to 
quite taken with him, but i didn't hear anything to make me feel that way.