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repeater fx loop

greetings earthlings...

alas, i've broken down and entered repeaterland.  nope, store credit 
at guitar center don't last long in my household.

i have my filter queen patched into the repeater's fx inserts. 
running Left out to the FQ and back into the left return of the fx 

when i set a track to the fx insert, i can only hear it if the mix on 
the filter queen is set to 100% (and the sound is filtered).  if i 
bypass the FQ, or turn the mix down, the signal dissapears, even 
though the in/out lights on the FQ are registering.

huh?  why would the FQ be getting a signal from the repeater, and 
spitting it back to the repeater, but the repeater only hears it if 
it's processed?

it should be that the signal gets dumped to the fx unit and then you 
can control the 'mix', or amount of fx , right?  or could bypass the 
fx unit, right?

stumped.  any help here?

any more info needed?  repeater is on fx send 1 of my mixer, dry mute 
is on, and controlling via behringer footcontroller.