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Re: Cadence Magazine Review (Plus a Question About Christy Doranand Loren Mazzacane Connors)

Actually, given Cadence's background, I'd say that's a surprisingly 
positive review, especially for a "non-jazz" release. Good job, Ted!

Re:Christy Doran: He's a pretty terrific guitarist, Irish but living 
in Switzerland now, I believe. I've seen him live a number of times, 
and he's never failed to blow me away. I don't know his records all 
that well, but I have an older ECM disc, a quartet with a drummer and 
2 acoustic basses, that rocks pretty severely.

>Okay, okay, okay.
>Probably nobody is interested anymore. However, I finally
>got a few lines of print in Cadence magazine and I'm not
>unaccountably pleased with that (despite the fact that what
>they wrote is smallish and contains a sort of "backhanded
>compliment" at the end). I almost didn't send them a CD in
>the belief that what I do really wouldn't be "avant-garde"
>enough for them anyway. Sounds like they'd agree -- but
>give me points for "enthusiasm" anywho (which is totally
>fine by me).
>Brief blurbette to follow:
>Jason Bivens, Cadence Magazine, February 2002
>"Ted Killian plays solo guitar on "Flux Aeterna" but the sound
>is rich and full owing to his generous use of delay devices and
>effects pedals. This music . . . is atmospheric in the extreme,
>filled with ethereality and almost psychedelic textures. Killian
>has clearly listened to players like Christy Doran, Loren
>Mazzacane Connors, Steve Tibbetts, Robert Fripp and Terje
>Rypdal - that list should give you a good idea of where he's
>coming from. He loves searing guitar improvs over various
>backdrops. With a white hot tone - super trebly and always
>threatening to spill over into raw feedback - Killian alternates
>between Hendrixian fantasies and paranoid digital sounds,
>with occasional high lonesome plucking. He might not be up
>to anything original but I found it hard to deny Killian's
>energy and exuberance."
>Hmmmm...while I don't happen to know much of anything about
>Christy Doran or Loren Mazzacane Connors, they're pretty spot
>on with the other 3. Anybody wanna fill me in on Doran and
>Connors before I go looking them up on the web?
>Ted Killian

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