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reviews that backhand

>Probably nobody is interested anymore. However, I finally
>got a few lines of print in Cadence magazine and I'm not
>unaccountably pleased with that (despite the fact that what
>they wrote is smallish and contains a sort of "backhanded
>compliment" at the end).

said backhanded comment:

>>...He might not be up
>>to anything original but I found it hard to deny Killian's
>>energy and exuberance."

I think that's the number 1 reason why I haven't sent anything in to be 
reviewed yet. Critics are a weird bunch, and sometimes it's hard to tell 
what will and won't please them. There's a local, well respected record 
store in San Francisco that writes little reviews on most of the discs 
sell. I was really hoping that they'd do this to the CT Collective discs I 
brought them last year. They did write one for CT-Found Sound, but the 
review contained this slightly more subtle backhand:

"...There are occasionally some pleasant surprises amid the expected 

(note: the term "clickery" refers to music made with digital glitches, 
Oval or Disc.)

Turns out there's only one track of clickery on the disc - my own. I 
it was one of my best tracks too. :-(

(The track, by the way, is "When you All", and can be found at 

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