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Re: Cadence Magazine Review (Plus a Question About Christy Doran and Loren Mazzacane Connors)

Go Ted!  The last line may put a damper on it, but the rest is really
great. And if that's the worst they can say about you....hey, we should all
have it so bad.  I've seen reviews (not in cadence, as I've never heard of
it) for stuff that got high marks for orginality and when I finally heard
it, my response was"yeah, it's really original, doesn't sound like anybody
else and I never want to hear it again. " Just because it's original
doesn't make it good. 
         What you got is a review that tells folks if they like these 
they'll probably like you.  I really enjoy your CD.  I'm not a reviewer,
just a player who happens to be a music fan.  I might use the referenc
epoints they mention to someone a guideposts if they asked me about your
stuff and I thought they'd know any of them.  I'd also say "Just listen to
it, you'll like it" but that doesn't sell magazines!
        Critics seem to foster a peculiar idea, that by making comparisons 
of an
artists work, and ranking it against someone else's work, they're doing
everyone a favor.  I find that to be as much a favor as labelling it by
genre.  It may help sell it to someone who's into a particular style, and
it may offer reference points, but that's all that means to me. It also
fosters the unhealthy "who's the best....fill in the blank" mind set and
the "you're really cool if you can name a whole lot of artists nobody has
ever heard of and make them feel foolish for not knowing them" mind set.
Both of those do more harm than good in my book.
 Congrats on all the good things contained therein!  You deserve them.

Frank Gerace


At 10:09 PM 2/5/02 +0000, you wrote:
>Alright, Ted!
>>Probably nobody is interested anymore.
>Wrong! always am interested when looper's get some credit and 
>Don"t know those others either, but to mentioned on the same sentence as 
>Fripp, Tibbits and Rypdal ain't too shabby!
>I am kinda unsure about the reviewer's last sentence tho....I guess music 
>critics, like the evening news, find it so distasteful to accentuate the 
>Nonetheless...congrats are in order!  Good job.
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