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Re: Cadence Magazine Review (Plus a Question About Christy Doran and Loren Mazzacane Connors)

http://www.christydoran.ch/ has more infos.......
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Subject: Cadence Magazine Review (Plus a Question About Christy Doran and
Loren Mazzacane Connors)

Okay, okay, okay.

Probably nobody is interested anymore. However, I finally
got a few lines of print in Cadence magazine and I'm not
unaccountably pleased with that (despite the fact that what
they wrote is smallish and contains a sort of "backhanded
compliment" at the end). I almost didn't send them a CD in
the belief that what I do really wouldn't be "avant-garde"
enough for them anyway. Sounds like they'd agree -- but
give me points for "enthusiasm" anywho (which is totally
fine by me).

Brief blurbette to follow:


Jason Bivens, Cadence Magazine, February 2002

"Ted Killian plays solo guitar on "Flux Aeterna" but the sound
is rich and full owing to his generous use of delay devices and
effects pedals. This music . . . is atmospheric in the extreme,
filled with ethereality and almost psychedelic textures. Killian
has clearly listened to players like Christy Doran, Loren
Mazzacane Connors, Steve Tibbetts, Robert Fripp and Terje
Rypdal - that list should give you a good idea of where he's
coming from. He loves searing guitar improvs over various
backdrops. With a white hot tone – super trebly and always
threatening to spill over into raw feedback – Killian alternates
between Hendrixian fantasies and paranoid digital sounds,
with occasional high lonesome plucking. He might not be up
to anything original but I found it hard to deny Killian's
energy and exuberance."


Hmmmm...while I don't happen to know much of anything about
Christy Doran or Loren Mazzacane Connors, they're pretty spot
on with the other 3. Anybody wanna fill me in on Doran and
Connors before I go looking them up on the web?


Ted Killian