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Re: Reverb: Bang for Buck (Was: Percussive Loopers)

I'll be looking for a verb soon too, trying to get in the
$300-$400 range.  I've thought either the MPX200 or
Digitech S-200, which seems pretty similar.  Any experience
with the Digi box vs. the others?

One thing which looked interesting is that the Lexicon and
Digi verbs include a compressor.  How does this compare to
a dedicated compressor(or no compressor)?

Incidentally this is for hand drums and didgeridoo.  I have
a Nanoverb now, so I don't want another cheapie toy, but
I'm not a professional either, and it was some else who
had the unlimited budget.

Yours in rhythm,

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Subject: Reverb: Bang for Buck (Was: Percussive Loopers)

> OK, so the gamut goes (limited to devices concentrating on
> $199 Lexicon MPX100
> $269 Roland SRV3030D
> $299 Lexicon MPX200
> $349 t.c. electronic M-One
> $399 Yamaha REV500
> $399 Lexicon MPX500
> $699 Lexicon MPX1
> $749 t.c. electronic M2000
> Too expensive:
> Lexicon PCM-91

> Many others I'm sure I've not listed.
> I'm really in the market for a decent reverb.  Well, perhaps
not in the
> market.  I *need* one, but I don't necessarily want to buy
one.  But what
> are you going to do?  I've got an MPX-100 that I just don't
like.  Plus,
> there's the on-board effects from my Yamaha 01V, supposedly
comparable to
> the REV500, but still, I don't really, really enjoy them,
either.  I'd
> really like to spend less than $400, but could increase if
the body of
> evidence points solidly in that direction.
> Any opinions from the lurking gear hoarders present?  This is
> same question as asked below, with only minor revision
> Lindsay Graham
> sonic detritus:
> left of eliot
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