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Re: Reverb: Bang for Buck (Was: Percussive Loopers)

I think you'd like the Lexicon LXP 15.  My favorite reverb unit.  Pretty
deep reverb with many ways to tweek.

I have 2 of them.  Will sell one.  Let me know via email.

BTW, I think the TC M-One is a good buy for the money.  Something about the
verbs in the LXP, though.  Don't compare it to the MPX-100.  Different
animal.  I had the MPX-100 and dumped it - truly awful, IMO.


At 03:31 PM 2/4/02 -0600, you wrote:
>OK, so the gamut goes (limited to devices concentrating on reverb):
>$199   Lexicon MPX100
>$269   Roland SRV3030D
>$299   Lexicon MPX200
>$349   t.c. electronic M-One
>$399   Yamaha REV500
>$399   Lexicon MPX500
>$699   Lexicon MPX1
>$749   t.c. electronic M2000
>Too expensive:
>Lexicon PCM-91
>t.c. electronic M3000
>Many others I'm sure I've not listed.
>I'm really in the market for a decent reverb.  Well, perhaps not in the
>market.  I *need* one, but I don't necessarily want to buy one.  But what
>are you going to do?  I've got an MPX-100 that I just don't like.  Plus,
>there's the on-board effects from my Yamaha 01V, supposedly comparable to
>the REV500, but still, I don't really, really enjoy them, either.  I'd
>really like to spend less than $400, but could increase if the body of
>evidence points solidly in that direction.  
>Any opinions from the lurking gear hoarders present?  This is basically 
>same question as asked below, with only minor revision towards 
>Lindsay Graham
>sonic detritus:
>left of eliot
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>Lexicon LXP 15
>At 03:54 PM 2/1/02 -0500, you wrote:
>>Finally a guy with more edrum stuff than me!
>>I've been having a problem with my MPX100 and TD10.  I have it connected
>>to an effects send on my Mackie.  When I add reverb to the TD10 channel,
>>there's a noticeable phase cancellation in the snare drum freqs.  It's
>>really annoying and happens even if the MPX100 is set to 100% dry.  I
>>don't think it's how I have things wired since I used to use a midiverb
>>in the same manner with no problems.
>>And if I connect the TD10 directly through the Lexicon, it sounds great
>>however there's a slight latency that's really distracting.  I'll start
>>playing a beat and find myself actually slowing down.  I guess there's
>>just a weird delay with the outputs of the MPX100.  
>>I'd love to find a good under $400 reverb to replace the MPX100.  Any