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Re: the hall of mirrors

 On Fri, 1 Feb 2002 22:41:14   
 Jehn wrote:
>Dear Jan,
>But then, is it improvisation?

what a nice question, thank you. here's my crack at it:

is it improvisation when a DJ works a crowd, building off the energy and 
bringing in certain tracks, like a mage casting just the right spell for 
the moment? is it improvisation when thelonius monk plays on a roland p90 
digital piano with multi-sampled piano samples? is it improvisation when 
philip glass directs a live orchestra playing repetetive phrases with hand 
signals? is it improvisation when 3 year old pamela doodles on the toy 
telephone? or when beatboxer quadraceptor spits sounds with saliva? is it 
improvisation when we get up in the morning to 'do yoga', or 'have a bowl 
of muesli' or 'check email'? is it improvisation when we walk down 59th 
street and lexington to pick up a trilogy of Dr. Who episodes from the 
video store? 

ithe universe improvises itself rhythms. this is the heart beat. there is 
a communication which is both cyclic and spontaneous. rhythm implies 
pattern, implies repetition, yet improvisation implies fluidity, implies 
of-this-moment-only. but really it is neither. it only seems paradoxical 
because our idea of time is fucked up. 

'There was this moment
when we believe! that we are 
like children at odds with 
a world all grown up.
Whisked away on gentle, clumsy horses
excited to tell, 

but it cannot be told.
Past, present, future, i read it in a book,
it does not matter, they are one and the same.
Riding to the circle to tell,
but it cannot be told.'

making me realize,

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>Subject: the hall of mirrors
>> ok loopies, this is a synthesis of ideas: working on putting together a
>> but the money situation is tight, so if anyone knows of any software
>development contract work, or multimedia installation work, i'd be into 
>and it'd help me progress in my work. my portfolio is at
>> so here it is:
>> ** the hall of mirrors: ***draft ideas
>> -provides a common language for improvisers playing together
>> - improvising not only the tones that make up phrases,
>> but also improvising the way phrases make up the structure of the piece

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