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Re: top tools =?

If the sky was the limit, and 2 channel or stereo was the way to go for 
you, two synched EDPs are probably the KING.  be prepared to drop about 
$1500 for that setup.  The Repeater is natively quadraphonic and goes 
for $500 or so.  Tack on another $80 for 128 meg of memory (you know you 
want it) and a couple of hundred for a midi control pedal (or do what I 
did and cheap out with a $30 FS300 three function footswitch) and you're 

Mark Sottilaro

On Friday, February 1, 2002, at 06:38  PM, Jimmy Fowler wrote:

> "Hi, I just joined. I'm interested in knowing if there is a general
> concensus on which are the top 1-3 rated looping devices regardless of
> price, and also if there are one or two that are considered best bang 
> for
> the buck.  (stereo or 2-channel mono is a plus for me)."
> best units, in my opinion:
> echoplex digital pro (under a grand)
> eventide orville (big bucks)
> electrix repeater (also under a grand)
> more affordable alternatives:
> akai headrush (cheap and limited)
> boomerang (not as cheap and not as limited)
> boss looper (in between, cost-wise)