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RE: Percussive Loopers

Lexicon LXP 15

At 03:54 PM 2/1/02 -0500, you wrote:
>Finally a guy with more edrum stuff than me!
>I've been having a problem with my MPX100 and TD10.  I have it connected
>to an effects send on my Mackie.  When I add reverb to the TD10 channel,
>there's a noticeable phase cancellation in the snare drum freqs.  It's
>really annoying and happens even if the MPX100 is set to 100% dry.  I
>don't think it's how I have things wired since I used to use a midiverb
>in the same manner with no problems.
>And if I connect the TD10 directly through the Lexicon, it sounds great
>however there's a slight latency that's really distracting.  I'll start
>playing a beat and find myself actually slowing down.  I guess there's
>just a weird delay with the outputs of the MPX100.  
>I'd love to find a good under $400 reverb to replace the MPX100.  Any
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>From: Bill Cummings [mailto:billcumm@sprynet.com] 
>Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2002 3:09 PM
>To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
>Subject: Re: Percussive Loopers
>yea, wish I had bought a wavedrum way back when (they were available).
>I do have a fairly nice array though:
>v-drums, dm-pro, drumKat, Handsonic, Zendrum, (3) ASRX samplers, Yami
>K5000, Fizmo, Yami P200, Yami TX81Z, Obie Matrix 1K, Alesis QSR, Yami
>DJX &
>Electrix (Repeater, MoFX, Filter Factory, Warp Factory), Electrix (EQ
>& Filter Queen), Alesis Air FX,
>Big Briar Moogerfooger MF 102 ring Modulator, Mutron III, POD, Bass Pod,
>SUb Harmonic Synthesizer, Aphex aural exciter, BBE SOnic Maximizer,
>MPX 100, Drawmer Stereo Compressor/Limiter
>PreSonus MP20, Behringer HA4400 HeadphoneAmp, Rolls RM203 Stereo Line
>Ashley 8 channel line mixer,
>Behringer MX2642A Eurorack Mixer , Alesis Studio 12R 12-channel mixer,
>Behringer 48 point patchbays, (2) Mackier SRM450s, (2) Mackie SRS1500A
>Powered 15  Subwoofers, (2) JBL EON 15P, miscellaneous other harware.
>What I've really been digging lately is all the cool softSYNTHs and
>Samplers: Battery, V-Sampler, Sample Tank, REAKTOR (a fave), TC Works
>Mercury-1, rgcAudio PENTAGON, CrusherX, Abelton LIVE, Pro-52, FM-7,
>& Spektral Delay. Running these on either my Dell Laptop PIII 800, or my
>Dell desktop PIV 1.9. AWESOME stuff.