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RE: Percussive Loopers

Finally a guy with more edrum stuff than me!

I've been having a problem with my MPX100 and TD10.  I have it connected
to an effects send on my Mackie.  When I add reverb to the TD10 channel,
there's a noticeable phase cancellation in the snare drum freqs.  It's
really annoying and happens even if the MPX100 is set to 100% dry.  I
don't think it's how I have things wired since I used to use a midiverb
in the same manner with no problems.

And if I connect the TD10 directly through the Lexicon, it sounds great
however there's a slight latency that's really distracting.  I'll start
playing a beat and find myself actually slowing down.  I guess there's
just a weird delay with the outputs of the MPX100.  

I'd love to find a good under $400 reverb to replace the MPX100.  Any

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yea, wish I had bought a wavedrum way back when (they were available).

I do have a fairly nice array though:
v-drums, dm-pro, drumKat, Handsonic, Zendrum, (3) ASRX samplers, Yami
K5000, Fizmo, Yami P200, Yami TX81Z, Obie Matrix 1K, Alesis QSR, Yami
Electrix (Repeater, MoFX, Filter Factory, Warp Factory), Electrix (EQ
& Filter Queen), Alesis Air FX,
Big Briar Moogerfooger MF 102 ring Modulator, Mutron III, POD, Bass Pod,
SUb Harmonic Synthesizer, Aphex aural exciter, BBE SOnic Maximizer,
MPX 100, Drawmer Stereo Compressor/Limiter
PreSonus MP20, Behringer HA4400 HeadphoneAmp, Rolls RM203 Stereo Line
Ashley 8 channel line mixer,
Behringer MX2642A Eurorack Mixer , Alesis Studio 12R 12-channel mixer,
Behringer 48 point patchbays, (2) Mackier SRM450s, (2) Mackie SRS1500A
Powered 15  Subwoofers, (2) JBL EON 15P, miscellaneous other harware.

What I've really been digging lately is all the cool softSYNTHs and
Samplers: Battery, V-Sampler, Sample Tank, REAKTOR (a fave), TC Works
Mercury-1, rgcAudio PENTAGON, CrusherX, Abelton LIVE, Pro-52, FM-7,
& Spektral Delay. Running these on either my Dell Laptop PIII 800, or my
Dell desktop PIV 1.9. AWESOME stuff.