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Re: OT: Racking again (was Re: biz's signal path was Re: SpaceStation - long, and complicated.)

>...The gig rig seem like a good step....

i don't know about the mini GigRig, but i have the full sized skb GigRig 
and i have to say it is not very well designed.
if you don't need it to be rugged it is adequate, but
the fasteners are week, and the front and back are held on the z axis
only by a single little plastic pin.  and the top is only fastened to the 
the pin on the front broke imediately on mine, leaving the top and front 
flopping loose.
i replaced each pin with two metal studs. it still has the lame fasteners 
on top, though.

otherwise, as far as general construction it is not as solid as my regular 
10 space skb rack.

if you just want light, which is what i was primarily after,
it does the job.  but don't let any roadies handle it.
and forget about checking it at as luggage.