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Well, if we were to add up all the paramiters and variables of the gear 
associated with the members of this list, it would probably stretch to any 
place we wanted to go, assuming we can replace that variable also.

With racks of racks, my brain becomes racked, my bank account gets racked, 
and I get racked by my girl friend.

At what point in gear acquisistion do we become a music store? :-)

My brain gets serious fog with so much to control, no it's not just old 

I am looking to set up my minimal rig, to do as much as I can, with as 
little as can be, with everthing working in a similar way. Just tring to 
conserve brain horsepower.

I play a 5bass and a double neck 6bass/6guitar.
I have one rc-20 with plans for another.
I have one zoom 506 with plans for one more of this type of zoom.
I have a sterio ernie ball volume that will cross fade with plans to 

I will use one processor and one rc-20 for each neck, unless I am only 
playing bass, then I'll use both rc-20's. The cross fader will be on the 
output of the rc-20's to enable dropping out a loop slowly while bringing 
another ---- or scratch style effects while playing. The bank advance 
will be connected through a single DPDT foot switch.
Enabling changing both loop tracks at the same time.

The zoom 506/505's have the same control system jack. The variable control 
jack of both of these will be connected through one converted ernie ball 
pedal and the bank/location jack connected through a DPDT foot switch. 
will allow changing both patches at the same time.

An addition of two foot switches will determine if the effects will be pre 
or post looper.

This all will fit into a fairly small pedal board that can be carried with 
one hand. This will keep hernias down to carrying bass/guitar amps.
Everything will work in similar ways and changes can be made to both 
at one time. No midi needed until I get a bass controller which will then 
connected to the second input(s) on the rc-20. Vocals can also be added to 
another input.

The zooms are kind of cheezey, but will work. The rc-20's limited in 
functions, but all things together should be easy to manage plus make 
Not to expensive either.


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