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Re: Vortex revisited

"italoop@libero.it" wrote:
> > and there's still nothing that compares to a Vortex,
> > nice to see it mentioned again
> > Andy Butler
> > <A HREF="http://members.aol.com/soundfnr/vortex.htm">Lexicon Vortex Da
> tabase
> > </A>
> This is not correct; using the unit's manual algorithms drawings I was
> able to replicate almost all Vortex algorithms on my Eventide Orville.

You say almost all

> These algos also work on DSP4000/GTR4000/DSP4500/DSP7000/DSP7500.
> Having a better and more in depth description of Vortex algos would
> improve my design a bit. The manual doesn't tell the whole story, of
> course. 
so youre almost there but only almost

>On my unit I'm also able to take advantage of more delay memory
> (259 sec @48KHz sampling) and more power to add fx everywhere in the
> signal flow, not to mention midi control.

We can conclude there is nothing that compares to a vortex....

thanks Italo