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Re: Field Effects

>well, i unfortunately was not able to attend last nights event. can 
>who made it post a report? does anyone know if there are files or records 
>of any kind online somewhere?

>thanks, jeff

Hi Jeff,

The show was a great success. Very encouraging for the prospect of doing 
more shows like this (and differently themed experimental shows). About 80 
people showed up. (We were thinking we'd be lucky to have 50.) The acts 
all excellent. Especially noteable was one of the video installations, 
involved a mobile with branches spinning against a board (contact miked), 
with a projector flashing images onto the board, and a camera filming the 
whole thing.

We didn't have a direct recording off the board like we were hoping, but 
asked a guy in the to record for us. The other host still needs to 
the material from minidisc to a useable format, but I'm confident that the 
result will be highly listenable.


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