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Re: CV OT Test Department

>However, I'm still rather annoyed at the trivialized adaptation of 
>Survival Research Labs' work in the now-popular robot wars on TV.

stop it, Richard.  you're firing off 80's and early 90's favorites 
too fast here, and if i go down memory lane any faster, i am surely 
to trip and fall.

i wonder, though...do you really think Mark Pauline could give a rats 
ass about robot wars, or that reality tv "junkyard" thing?  i'm 
pretty sure the robot wars are a tv fad that will soon go away.

i had the privelege of seeing an SRL show first hand in San Francisco 
about '89.  Definitely one of the most intense experiences of that 
period of my life.  having entrails spit at you from a tree shredder 
is quite something...

About a year ago, i think, there was an article in Spin that 
chronicled Pauline's exploits and showed how the next generation of 
SRL folks were taking his ideas and updating them.  Perhaps i'm 
getting older and softer, but the new guys seemed even MORE SCARY 
than Pauline.  Some dude designed a muscle car motor with a 
contraption connected to the drivetrain that spun nunchucks around so 
fast you couldn't even see them.  they said if a human or animal 
walked into it, it would desintegrate them.  or another guys sense of 
humor caused him to design a disease vending machine, where you would 
enter information about what kind of toxin you wanted, and the 
dispersement area.

given the terrorist attacks and anthrax scares...that ain't too 
fucking funny, IMO.

they scare me more because they seem to be venting outwards more, 
whereas SRL seemed to vent the violence inwards.  they invited the 
audience to observe, and took no responibility if a wayward fragment 
hurt someone, but there seemed to be no anger or violence TOWARDS the 

2 cents,