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Re: ebow w/ baritone guitar

Hi all,
   I own a black ebow with a red light, the first reissue and a newer one 
which is grey with a blue light.  The newer ebow's on/off switch allows 
the old style pitch or flip the switch and get the harmonic.
It's very cool.  A friend of mine found an old silver ebow at a garage 
last year for $10.00, what a deal, it works perfectly.  I bought the newer 
ebow when the lid on the other broke.  I emailed ebow and they sent me a 
lid.  What a great company!  Both ebows work on guitar or bass.  They are 
little odd on the Vox 12 string but still adaptable.


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"John McIntyre" <mcintyre@pa.msu.edu> put forth:
 > mr monk wrote:
 > > lots of folks (including me) have used the ebow on bass ( they even 
 > > Bass Ebow for a brief time...)
 > Did the Bass Ebow actually make it into production?  I remember an ad in
 > Player saying they'd hired Boz from Bad Company as a consultant for a
 > Bass Ebow, but I never heard that it made it to market.  Somewhere I 
 > they ran into a problem with the string spacing on bass guitars not being
 > standardized as on six strings so they couldn't get a good spacing for 
 > channels.
 > Does anyone here actually own a Bass Ebow?
 > Do you want to sell it? (-8

I believe Steve Lawson has a bass E-Bow, or he's changed the red LED to a
blue one.

S. P. Goodman
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