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RE: Looking for Echoplex Digital Pro

Dear All,
The good news is that after many months and a substantial amount of
cash, (over 10K), I now have CE-approval for the Echoplex with all the
paperwork to prove it. 
I have put an order in today for 500 boards and sets of components but
due to some long lead-times, it will be end of Feb start of march before
they are in the shops.
There are many additions inside the unit, including a filtered mains
inlet, a 4-layer PCB, screening cans on the Codec & processor and an
additional 35 capacitors which filter every input & output. 
I shall be doing some direct comparisons with my audio analyser between
this latest version, (RevisionG), and the one currently shipping,
(RevisionC), and I will post the results. 
The total cost of all these changes works out to around 15, ($22.50),
per unit but I hope to reduce costs in other areas to make up some of
the extra. We are looking at shipping the Footcontroller in the same box
as the EDP, which saves a whole set of packaging. I also hope to be able
to sell direct into the UK & possibly Europe, from here at Trace, which
will mean a substantial saving over standard retail.
I'm also working today, on slight improvements to the graphics on the
front panel and experimenting with different colour schemes. As Kim
said, you are very limited what can be done on such a small panel, but
there were quite a few comments some time ago on the list about how
old/tired the Echoplex looks. Any suggestions for graphical and or
colour changes would be gratefully received.

By all means, buy an EDP from Zenker, but if you can wait until the new
year, you may be able to buy a pair for the price Zenker is charging for

Andy @ Trace Elliot.

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>I'm new in this mailing list and trying to find an EDP for sale in
>Does anybody know someone or a site who sells one ?

Gibson's still pending CE approval for Europe, but Zenker LTD in
Switzerland is selling them. (Zenker, LTD Feierabendstrasse 22, CH-4003
Basel Switzerland)