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Re: reaktor/pwrbk combo useable?

I'll let you know in about a week when my Powerbook arrives!

Reaktor's great though, I use it on my desktop machine right now.

A Pismo would be up to most stuff that you'd need in a live situation -
especially if you don't run Reaktor at 44.1kHz (show me the PA where you'd
notice the difference!).

The thing you'd miss would be the all the knobs/footswitches etc.



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Subject: reaktor/pwrbk combo useable?

> Having just lugged my heavy rack on an off of ferries and taxies for the
> last few weeks, I am more interested than ever in finding a software
> solution.
> I have a Pismo G3/500 powerbook (w/VX Pocket interface) and was wondering
> Reaktor 3 would enable me to effectively "replace" that rack.  The very
> basics of the features would need to emulate looping (my EDP), multi-FX 
> have a Vortex and Quadraverb), and harmonization would be nice too
> Studio 5000).
> Has anyone had any experience with Reaktor and a Pismo?  How is the
> and the effects quality?  Did you have enough CPU to do wacky stuff?
> Many thanks,
> eo
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