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Review: Danelectro Sitar Swami & Backtalk

a coupla days/weeks ago there was some question about the dano sitar
swami. we got a couple in today where i do my day job (
http://www.krazykatmusic.com ) and i think it is horrid.

it's basically a distortion w/octave drop, some flange & a filter sweep.
i am frankly surprised that the decision was made to market this dog,
although it could be kinda cool to freak out drum loops or some such. i
can't see how anyone could confuse the sound of a guitar signal passing
through this thing with anything remotely like the sound of a sitar.

but the backtalk is pretty hip. it has a slightly different feel than my
boss rps-10, and it is also a bit different from the reverse setting i
have in my line 6 dl-4. it would be super hip to connect controller
pedals to the mix & repeat knobs to shift thru these as you play. i'm
thinking that i might get one.

**does anyone have one of those d'armond volume/tone pedals that control
volume vertically & tone horizontally that they'd like to sell? it would
be hip to combine these 2 devices through some silly mod!

***anyone interested in a boss rps-10? i have 2 & only need one...