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Re: worldbridger

>Jan Pek wrote:
> . . . so that we can recognize, we are all indigenous
>> ...is there not a mystery school somewhere, teetering on that precipice
where the voice is the synthesizer, the body is levity, the breath is
operating system upgrade, time is echoplex, where Western magic is tenderly
and appropriately introduced, built with spirit of the local land, not
bulldozed like formula over tender rainforest shoots? shit, there must be.
where is it? right under your nose?

Lance Glover replied:
>right under your nose. seriously. :-)

So true.  Both statements:  "we are all indigenous" and "right under your
nose. seriously."

And Jan definitely gets my vote for Poet Laureate of Looping!  (with
Matthias running a very close second)