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so, i have a request for yall. 

im looking for South American tribal music, spirit of the rainforest, 
grandfather drum, voice of the cloud, to South America what Farafina is to 
Africa... something polyrhythmic, polymetric, whatever you want to call 
it, building repetition. someone, give me the words!

i'm moving Asheville -> NYC feeling as though i may get spit out on 
another world journey, and am magnetizing africa (guinea? senegal? dogon 
and the nommo?) and s. america (ecuador? brazil? bolivia?) for world 
bridging. i know i'm here to embody spirit, to bring magic to the flesh. 
the way of technology magic-- i've spent most of my life there, on the 
outside, in the crystal megahertz.

so i am learning another way, the long road back to embodiment, the 'red 
pill', if you will. because the guides tell me the next leg of training as 
shaman is in the primitive, embodying spirit in dance, breath, voice, 
drum, trance. the animals. 

so where can i exist on that edge? can i place myself where i can honor 
and learn from the tribes without eroding their culture? how to exit the 
tourist conveyorbelt and become of service to these indigenous people, so 
that we can recognize, we are all indigenous. is there not a mystery 
school somewhere, teetering on that precipice where the voice is the 
synthesizer, the body is levity, the breath is operating system upgrade, 
time is echoplex, where Western magic is tenderly and appropriately 
introduced, built with spirit of the local land, not bulldozed like 
formula over tender rainforest shoots? shit, there must be. where is it? 
right under your nose?

fuzzy and blue,

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