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Scott's 12 string

>> It's 2 courses of octave strings.except for the high C which is
doubled.(an octave would break)Wish I had some pics.(I think someone
took some and posted them from the 1st Solo bass looping thing).It was
built by Mark Garza http://www.garzguitars.com  who has made all my
basses and at least has pictures of a 9 string he built.Bobdog and Steve
Lawson have seen it close up.(Steve-I'm looking for a "fraggle rock" T
shirt for tonight:)
 Thanks for the compliment.I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to
see you play.<<<

I have indeed seen said bass up close, and it's an amazing instrument -
sounds great, looks great, and is no doubt a monster to play... :o) I'll
stick to my (though i say so myself) rather awesome 12 string patch on my
MPX-G2 - I have enough technical troubles with 6 strings! :o)

...and I'm sure it would sound even better were you to don the sacred
Fraggle Rock t-shirt - I find that my performance improves at least 34% 
wearing mine. Fraggle Rock + girly-dress-type-affair means an increase of 
to 57%! BTW, Scott, I still want to see pix of your old band with you all
busking in drag! Come on, get those photos onto your website! And what's
happening with you album-wise? we want to hear more music!