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Re: Gig- some looping

Title: RE: Gig- some looping
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All the 12 string basses I've seen were doubled upper octaves. That is one piece of gear I must own someday. The sound is positively massive. Best exponents I've heard of the instrument are Doug from King's X, Tom from Cheap Trick and the guy from Big Wreck (the tone on "That Song" is awesome). I believe Hamer 12 string basses are the most common I've seen around 
** yeah most are like that. the late allen woody had an alembic 18-string bass. 6x3 . . . there are a few people that are making the x2 rather than the x3 versions: warwick has, fodera, warrior.
6x3 christ. The neck must be a tree trunk.I know Allen Woody had huge hands, but there's no hope in hell I could fret a low C on the B string unless my hand reached over the top of the neck. I've been playing 15 years but still struggle at times with my 5 string because I have small hands. Can manage a 4x3 no problem though.
Mark Egan used to have that double neck 4/8 string model too. That thing sounded amazing. Not forgetting Derek Smalls of Spinal Tap - he had the same!
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