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Central Coast Looping Festival

Hello Everybody-

Thanks to all who've shown interest thus far in the Central Coast
Looping Festival!  Here's a list of everyone who's [tentatively] signed
up so far:

Rick Walker     GLOBAL@cruzio.com
Miko Biffle     biffoz@pacbell.net
Max Valentino   ekstasis1@hotmail.com
Rich Atkinson   rich@nuvisionsca.com
Ted Killian     KILLINFO@aol.com
Steven Rice     srice44@yahoo.com
Stan Card       stanitarium@earthlink.net
Jon Wagner      jondrums@hotmail.com
Bill Walker     chillyb@cruzio.com
Richard Zvonar  zvonar@zvonar.com
Tom Heasley     TomHeasley@aol.com
Hans Lindauer   hans@ernieball.com

It looks like there's going to be a great bunch of loopers here in San
Luis Obispo, and I'm really looking forward to hearing the variety of
ways we each use looping to make music.  If anyone else wants to get in
on the act, please get in contact with me.  The festival will be held on
March 2nd, 2002.

Keep on Looping...Keep on Looping...Keep on Looping...