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Re: proel volume/expression pedals

>>i must admit, i used an ernie ball for a short while, and dumped it 
>>when the responsiveness was too sluggish for me.  yes, it would go 
>>full off, but the ramp up to full volume seemed too concave for 
>>me...too little too late, then full volume.
>If the value of the potentiometer is higher than the input impedance 
>you connect the pedal to, you get this effect.

thanks matthias, for your input.

when i said i used the ernie ball before....i used it strictly as a 
volume pedal  for a guitar setup:

guitar > volume pedal > stompboxes > amp

i do a lot of volume swells into long delay lines for pads and such, 
and the ernie ball just didn't feel right...a bit bulky and slow to 
respond...i think it was just me!  currently i use a george dennis 
volume/wah that seems to work nice.  i just needed a passive pedal 
for this mixer setup.

i did receive my two Proel PVP 14L units from AMS, and i must say, i 
think they work just fine.  Some of ya complained that it let sound 
leak through at 0 volume, and i haven't had that problem.

guitar > POD > behringer mixer > aux one to proel and into jamman > 
aux 2 into proel and into mofx.  jammie and mofx return to their own 
channels on the mixer

i tested these through headphones and couldn't hear anything leaking. 
i definitely don't do a lot of high gain stuff...and i'll push it 
more in the next few days.  overall, i'm happy.  they are a bit 
light, as someone mentioned, but i'll probably velcro 'em down to my 
pedalboard anyway.

now what to do with the ernie ball stereo/pan pedal i bought?  don't 
know whether to keep it around for some future use, or go get 120 
bucks back in my pocket, or use it as a parking brake for my car.