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RE: Gig- some looping-12 string bass

Title: RE: Gig- some looping-12 string bass

 It's 2 courses of octave strings.except for the high C which is
doubled.(an octave would break)

** okay, that's what i figured. i think mine is gonna be octaves all the way across. it seems like an .008 could do it, no? theguys who are making mine have done one previously and i think it was octaves straight across - - at least that's what i'm counting on. how's the string/neck tension?

Wish I had some pics.(I think someone
took some and posted them from the 1st Solo bass looping thing).

** will have to find that!

Bobdog and Steve
Lawson have seen it close up.

** so all of you guys - - how's the thing sound????

 Thanks for the compliment.

** man fretless with that, sheesh.

I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to
see you play.

** likewise. you getting down to l.a. any time soon? i may get up that way in jan or so, l. stinkbug has a release slated and we seem to think we should do some playing to "promote it" (LOL).


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