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Re: Gig- some looping

Title: RE: Gig- some looping
All the 12 string basses I've seen were doubled upper octaves. That is one piece of gear I must own someday. The sound is positively massive. Best exponents I've heard of the instrument are Doug from King's X, Tom from Cheap Trick and the guy from Big Wreck (the tone on "That Song" is awesome). I believe Hamer 12 string basses are the most common I've seen around. 
Maybe I should invest in one and start a band with me on 12 string bass, drummer with a double-kick setup and a guitar player with a 6/12 string Jimmy Page doubleneck. Not to be excessive or anything...
Simon Kean
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From: jim palmer
Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2001 8:23 PM
Subject: Re: Gig- some looping

i have seen 12 string basses with 4 triple string sets...
i think they were 3 octaves, but maybe just doubled upper octave.
very thick, big sound.
didn't get to try it myself, though...