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More Stuff FS!

Hi Gang-

Though none of these are loopers or processors, I thought some of you might
be interested-

Old toys must go to buy new toys!

Jupiter 6 $675 -Cosmetically fine, functionally fine save portamento
doesn't function (glissando does). Midi in & out version.

Korg Z1EX $800 -Fully expanded, w/ memory card (more programs & arpeggios),
manual, etc. Analog modeling and numerous other processes (comb osc., VPM
osc., resonance Osc., ring mod,, sync and cross mod oscs., E piano, organ,
brass, reed, plucked and bowed string models). Nice modulation and LFO

Akai MPC 2000 $800 -32 megs, cosmetically and functionally fine.

Buyer pays shipping, preference for local buyers (SF bay area) for the J6
and Z1 so I don't have to deal w/ shipping!

The SP-808 is still moping around as well-