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Re: Gig- some looping

Uh, thursday isn't the 28th of this month, or next month.  FYI.  Has 
this passed, or is it today?


On Wednesday, November 28, 2001, at 05:42 PM, scott kungha drengsen 

> Thursday the 28th at Cell Space in San Francisco
> I will be playing w/"the new" Land of the
> Blind
> http://www.landofthe blind.com
> Cyoackha Grace-vocals,harmonium,percussion,looping
> Roland Robles(Psuedo Buddha,Azigza)Hand and foot percussion.
> Krystov(land of the blind)Sitar,Digjeredoo,keyboards
> myself-6 and 12 string fretless basses,electric cello,looping
> The evening is the premere of  "TREESIT" an eco-activist film featuring
> Julia Butterfly and others.The music of Land of the Blind is used
> throughout the film.We will begin playing about 9.30 when the movie is
> over.