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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V01 #698

> I don't have an effects loop so,
> after the guitar and floor effects,
> OK, laugh when ready, could i go through
> a passive DI box to lower the signal.?=20
> Before the amp!
> Keep laughing
> or would it lower it to much?
> Is that close to line level?
> ha ha hah ahahahahha =

Well, I do not use effect loops either any more in my amps. I went through 
quite a lot of different 50's and 60's combos and it was just too much 
hassle to have effect loops installed everywhere. I just tried to plug 
guitar, stompbox (1 overdrive, 1 Delay) to a modified tc multieffect which 
has a handy master volume pot. The stereo out goes through a EDP into one 
amp on one side, directly on the other (so there is room for one more 
looper here!).

In fact even long reverb times and wild effects do not sound watered down 
in this setup....sort of to my surprise. So just experiment.