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Re: Digitech 7.6 audio examples?

>I am interested in hearing what these do to audio- I hear descriptions of
>"mangling" and so forth- and I need a replacement for my PDS8000 which
>colors/damages my signal-  any examples anywhere?

on my site ... on the music page (not the "albums" page):
"Nice Girls Don't Have Toungue Rings"
"Visiting Mr Greene"
"Round One"

all these tracks feature ambient loops (DOH!! excuse me ... "Frippertronic
Impersonation Loops" ... i wouldn't want to mangle the good sensibilities 
of the
looper list here) which i made on an RDS 7.6 with the delay and feedback 
all tweaked the hell out on the board. as in, i opened it up and adjusted 
delay and feedback trimpots so i could get 34 _really_ shitty seconds of 
with full feedback outta this thing, as opposed to 7.6 seconds of shitty 

a cool thing about this delay is that when you re-adjust the delay time 
like this, the nyquihst filter does _not_ shift accordingly .. so you get 
_great_ aliasing.

I am probably going to get another one of these when i build my modular
synthesizer ... it's got _mucho_ connections for CV/trigger signals.

Eric Williamson