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Re: Looping Toys for sale

Mark -
the 7.6 please, I am in NYC and can overnight you a money order
contacts 212-980-8275
check refs at ebay pfelix28 all positive, two yrs on and off (mainly on) 
LD and in need of
another 7.6
cheers, Pedro Felix
-----Original Message-----
From: Mark Landman <landman@wco.com>
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
Date: Tuesday, November 27, 2001 4:38 PM
Subject: Looping Toys for sale

>Greetings Looper's
>Some things you folks may be interested in, if not they'll go to Harmony
>Digitech RDS 7.6 $100.00 -Grunge-o-matic pitch mangling delays, infinte
>hold, voltage control of delay time, etc, Functionally fine, cosmetically
>only average, rack scratches and 2 missing "caps" for the knobs.
>SP-808 $600 -Basic SP-808 with upgrade to newer 808EX software, adds
>vocoder, formant shifter, numerous guitar fx, and Pad to Track function
>(allows routing each 4 pads to a separate tracks, w. slider control of
>track volume and fx sends) Cosmetically and functionally fine.
>Korg AM800R $300 -nice fx box w/ numerous delays, rez filters w/ LFO and
>Envelope Followers, ring mods, distortions, etc. 3 channels of FX, 2 can 
>any of the above, the last is reverb (a rather average 'verb) and delays.
>Numerous routing options (series, parallel...) Cosmetically and
>functionally fine.
>SBF-325 $150 -Stereo analog flanger, large heavy rack mount. mono flange,
>stereo flange, cross-mix flange and chorus modes, w/ selectable phase
>inversion per channel. LFO can have it's output inverted for channel B
>modulation as well. Good info on www.modezero.com. Cosmetically only good,
>shows age (rack scratches) but looks fine in rack, functionally fine.
>Electrix Repeater $450 -4 track looper, brand new unused w/ warranty,
>boxes, manual, card, etc
>Digitech 2101 Artist w/ 2nd chip and Control One foot controller $400 
>pre-amp, numerous fx modules, ability to create your own algorithms. Fx
>quality ranges from nice (distortion, delays) to average (verbs, flangers)
>to bleh (wah). Cosmetically and functionally fine.