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Re: WWOT, and no loop content. (Repetitive though) was Re: SERIOUS VIRUS WARNING FOR YOU PERSONALLY!!!

> > Lose Outlook and you'll never get a virus again.

damn, I didn't realize that this went to the list!

I'm terribly sorry, thought it was a private email
to me and quickly responded.

(but a note for those of you who think I'm pushing Macs:
I am writing this on a FreeBSD machine and my server is
a Linux machine, though I have a Mac at home.  I ain't 
pro-Mac, I'm anti-MS, through many years of very direct
experience with this hostile and unethical company.

(And, yes, people told MS for, literally, years that Outlook 
was inherently unsafe and only after a literal BILLION
dollars in damage was done did they do anything...

(I repeat, lose Outlook and you'll never get a virus again.)



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