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Re: Loop copy questions

>I've a couple of qustions concerning the copy-functions of the 
>Echoplex. Is there a way to copy an existing loop to the next loop, 
>without having to use the SwitchQuant=ON functions?
>The thing is  that in other songs I switch sometimes during the 
>loop. I like this function to make the song more organic& 
>unpredictable. When I use SwitchQuant=ON I first have to end the 
>whole loop.

SwitchQuant=CNF seems apropriate: select the loop you are going to, 
LEDs all brown. Then execute the swiching by hitting any button, 
being that they all do it in a different way. With Multiply, sound is 
copied while you can make it longer and play over it.
The very same function you get with LoopCopy=Snd

>Also, is there a way to make a dump of your settings at the 
>beginning of the song (I use a sequencer live to trigger a sampler 
>for percussionsounds). By making a dump I could switch between the 
>above mentioned differences when I start a new song.

In Loop3, you have to create the "dump" by hand: Simply select the 
settings while the Sequencer is recording, starting with a longpress 
to set a defined value. Of course you can also create the right notes 
in the sequencer with the editor.
To set SwitchQuant=CNF, for example:
4 Parameters
2 Insert

In Loop4, we will have Sysex to set the parameters and presets you 
can choose with MIDI program change. Soon.


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