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Re: Repeator outputs

The Repeater has the opposite problem, it's line level out, so it's a bit 
hot for most guitar amps.

Mark Sottilaro

"William R. Walker," wrote:

> This may be old news, but Ebtech makes a line level shifting/ground
> isolation device that a friend of mine says works great at cleaning up 
> output noise of his Jamman which has I believe -10db instrument level
> outputs. By stepping up the outputs to +4, he claims it really improves 
> S to N ratio. I have'nt tried it yet, but perhaps the Repeator might
> benefit from this same approach. Has anyone out there tried one of these
> device's? The are'nt very expensive and come in either non rack stereo or
> rack mounted multiple pair configurations.
> Might be worth the investigation.
> Bill Walker
> PS It might be my imagination, but since I've been wearing my looper 
> I've been getting much more action from the Ladies.....