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In a message dated 11/25/01 5:16:32 PM Eastern Standard Time, :)m writes:

some of the patches seem to do absolutly nothing

perhaps i over-reacted!.....it seems more willy-nilly, sometimes they do stuff, sometimes they dont.....i totally luv the ability to save a sound, its like a whole lot of footpedals, great fun and to me, usefull.....otbw, i discovered that i can send the signal from the rang thru all manner of stuff (rang>air-fx>electric stuff>into mackie vlz) then send this back into itself  on an effects send on the mixer, what this means, is that i can effect the loop coming from the rang and then send that sound back into the rang and add it to the loop, the only problem is that the volume of the effected signal is a bit low in relation to the original loop but so what!.....patch 4 into a long delay is such fun, this is how i will start my next gig, just walk on stage and start goonin out.....i want to disguise the box somehow any ideas?.....im also working on playing it with the neck of my guitar a bit difficult but i imagine very do-able.....perhaps a mirror on the end of the neck.....does anyone have a good design for a tin-foil hat?.....:)m