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re: unbalanced jacks/repeater

it was most likely a cost/space issue. cheated? hard to beat the 
price of the repeater, even without balanced audio.


>  >
>>  I have to admit, that I'm put off by the DJ oriented (and
>>  RCA connectors:
>>  what's with that, anyway?
>does it strike anyone else as weird that while most of the electrix 
>have balanced ins and outs, repeater itself is unbalanced? i asked about
>this on the forum with no response, and i'm curious how folks here feel
>about it. it's clearly possible to have unbalanced and balanced jacks on 
>same circuit, since for example mo-fx has rca and trs ins and outs. is it
>because they expect those of us using repeater with a (non dj style) mixer
>rather than an amp to be the minority? i'm just confused, feeling just a
>little cheated, and wondering why this change was made for the apparent
>flagship product. any insight appreciated!