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> a niffty little box to be sure.....
> .....i wish i had more sends on my 1202 vlz, i have no idea 
> how to do what i want.....something to try if you havent already, use a 
> mirror rather than your hand when controling the air-fx, its probably 
>just my 
> imagination, but this seems to work better and it LOOKS cooler.....

I'll try the mirror - I've been using a RAM card instead.
Also try pens and pencils for fast, precise gestures.

> ambient  light makes the unit less sensative, the darker the better.....
> and lastly, some of the patches seem to do absolutly nothing,
> anyone else notice this?

This "may" be because it's designed to work in-line and I got the 
you're using it in an effects send. 

For the visually inclined - that's the air-fx that looks like a hand drum 
hitting in the photo from July 17th. http://www.dreamstate.to/events.htm
I find two-handed techniques work well with many patches and 
I can have both hands free if I'm treating loops.

Scott M2